Health Education Services

Health education services at the Monmouth County Regional Health Commission No. 1 focuses on promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles and creating healthy environments to live, work and play.

Working together with our staff, the regional health educator performs a variety of tasks that reach each of the communities we serve so they get closer to achieving optimum health.

Health education services include advocating for health by serving on committees, coalitions and task forces. Our Health Promotion and Communication Plan lays out how looking at determinates of health, data such the Monmouth County Community Health Assessment  or the MCHRC Community Health Asessement, creates our community focus areas.

MCRHC also serves as a resource for the delivery of health education and programming. We are dedicated to providing high quality health education services to residents through a variety of methods, including printed materials, mass media, health display boards, health fairs, skills-based workshops, and presentations to groups and individuals, as well as professional trainings.

If you would like to request our health educator or other staff person to present on a health topic or attend a health fair, please complete the Community Health Education Request Form.

Our health educator is dedicated to addressing the needs expressed by community members themselves. Click here or use the QR code to answer our community needs survey, which is used to inform programming.