Dominick Astino
Principal REHS
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Registered Environmental Health Specialists

A REHS acts as the front-line investigator for many of the state's public health and environmental regulations.

Title 8, Chapter 52 Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Board of Health in New Jersey mandates a staff of REHS's that are responsible for the performance of all environmental activities specified under same code.  These activities include enforcement investigations, and inspections relating to retail food establishments, public recreational bathing facilities, youth camps, body art facilities, pet shops and kennels, lead based paint hazards, well and septic installation and maintenance, public health nuisances, animal bites and rabies control, and local codes and ordinances.

To perform the mandated REHS functions, each REHS must hold an active license issued by the NJDOH.  To obtain a REHS license, each candidate must have earned a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university, with the completion of at least 32 science credits. Then, the successful completion of the NJDOH approved Rutgers University EPH course and 200 hour field training enables the candidate to sit for the NJDOH Licensing Exam.  Once licensed, the REHS must take a minimum of 15 credits of continuing education annually to maintain an active license.

In addition, some functions require additional licensure, such as Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor licensure for lead based paint activities. 


DOMINICK ASTINO Principal REHS BS Rutgers University REHS, Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor
GREGORY HAWRILUK REHS BS Shenandoah University REHS, Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor