Communicable Disease Investigation

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MCRHC performs investigations of reportable communicable disease in our jurisdiction to ensure control and prevention of ongoing disease transmission for our residents.

Communicable Diseases, also known as infectious diseases, are illnesses that can result from a bacteria or disease causing pathogen making a presence in a human or animal. They can be transmitted through air, direct contact between people, or contaminated surfaces or objects.  Communicable diseases can be preventable through vaccines and healthy habits such as handwashing.  Cases are identified as "not a case" to "possible" to "probable" to "confirmed" determined by factors such as lab criteria, clinical case definition and timeframe.


Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Science from Rutgers, Newark and a certification in ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists).  She received a Masters in Public Health from Kaplan University, now known as Purdue University Global.  Jessica conducts investigations of diseases through a surveillance system (CDRSS) that holds all reportable diseases.  An investigation consists of talking to doctors and patients about symptoms, onset dates, exposure, risk factors, any ill contacts, or treatments.  Jessica also works on outbreaks within our community involving more detail like the location and floor plan of a facility where an outbreak occurred.

To report a Communicable Disease 24 hours 7 days a week, contact the MCRHC at 732 493-9520. 

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